A Most Annoying Thing


Age ……. there are many things to recommend it. However, the most annoying thing I have found about ageing is my fading eyesight.

It started drifting off about 15 years ago … in one respect the reflection in the mirror is a little easier to handle but everything else needs the aid of glasses … you only fill the sugar bowl once with salt ……

I have several pair …. One pair of prescription in an expensive frame then several pair of the non prescription model – normally found in chemists – these are to be found all over the house and then another couple pair that live permanently in my camera bag ….

In Paris I found these at the very beautiful store Merci and not only did I find some stylish non prescription but non prescription reading sunglasses …. SEE CONCEPT….something I have not found in Australia ….. but despair not ….. they ship to Australia (link below)



See Concept 

Merci Paris 


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