A locally produced Amaretto called Naked

White Possum was created in October 2014 to support and promote Australian-made spirits and their makers. They are a small team of spirit lovers based in Melbourne who spend too much time tasting stuff and probably not enough time selling stuff.

Warehouse & Distillery

They operate a fully functional, but rather compact, distillery in the sleepy neighbourhood of Altona, a stone's throw away from the bustling heart of Melbourne.

This is also their warehouse and office. All orders are shipped out from here.

There's an ever expanding array of equipment that they use in the distillery, but most of them are pretty basic. On any given day, there'll be plastic and steel barrels being wheeled around, fermenters bubbling away, a mini-bottling line on the go, and a couple of small stills dripping the good stuff out of their spouts.

In 2020 they also set up an outpost in England.

What they say about their Amaretto...

We've been big fans of Amaretto and its marzipan flavour since as far back as we can remember. But it was a shame not to be able to buy a locally made one, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and make the first Australian-made Amaretto.

This is a stripped down version of the classic Italian Amaretto, but with an Australian twist. To make it, we smash apart Australian grown bitter almonds (a by-product of the apricot industry), cook and infuse them in spirit for weeks. This is where we get that big bold marzipan flavour that we love so much. Then we add a pinch of wild Strawberry Gum leaves, harvested from outback NSW, which adds an extra floral boost.

Contains precisely 0.0% artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Vegan friendly (we don't use any animal products nor processes throughout).

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