A glimpse Centro Historico – Mexico City – Mexico

Images from Centro area of Mexico City, January 2017

This is a mere glimpse of Centro Historico, it is enormous and a fascinating area. I have my dear friend "young" Victoria Roberts to thank for suggesting we take a wander. This is what I saw just walking from The Department of Education to look at Diego's murals - dodging the odd bureaucrat - to Zocalo or main plaza.

It is on my to do list ....before ... to spend some time with Victoria and see Mexico through her unique eyes. We would have some fun.

The shops sell the most bizarre things..I was seriously torn at the uniform shop.

It is an odd day when someone isn't protesting at Zocalo. Arguably the heart of Mexico City. This vast square — officially named the Plaza de la Constitucion — is bordered by the Palacio Nacional and grand colonnaded buildings. This is where you come to gain a snapshot of the city: cars speed around the outskirts while street vendors crush up against the Metropolitan Cathedral, selling everything from tacos to kitsch collectables stamped with the face of Frida Kahlo. I did find the most spectacular pair of earrings her for 10 dollars. The Zocalo is often filled with the cluttered assembly of various parades and religious events; at Christmas it's fitted out in neon.

Victoria Roberts I'm coming back!!


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