A Book of Days – Patti Smith

Around this time of year I start to buy myself birthday presents, it's a hangover from having a birthday too close to Christmas...I was beside myself when I walked past our local bookshop and noticed Patti Smith's latest book.

A book of Days

The book cover reads... With her 250 Land Camera, Patti Smith has chronicled her journeys in haunting Polaroid photographs since 1996. A writer's chair a husband's saxophone, the beds of poets, the ateliers of artists. Pictures of life on the off the road, train stations, hotel interiors, obscure cafes: a notebook always nearby. In A book of Days, Smith appends photographs from this body of work with eclectic snapshots from her daily life, as posted on Instagram; anniversary pearls, mothers keychain, her kids, her boots, sacred talismans, and her Abyssinian cat, Cairo. More than a million followers have responded to Smith's unique aesthetic, her morning coffee, the books she's reading, the graves and monuments of beloved heroes, mavericks and saints.

Within a calendar year, A Book of Days presents 366 miniature windows and dispatches into the world of the visionary writer, poet and performer. An inspirational map of a life devoted to art, a timeless offering, day by day , for deeply uncertain times.

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