Are you over 50 with long hair?

If that is you, you’d be delighted with an article written by this bloke

in the London Times this weekend called ” What not to do say and wear over 40!”

He writes – with what authority ?? – that the age limit for long hair is 50 ” You will tend to look a bit witchy if you have shoulder length hair or longer in you’re sixth decade.

I’ve featured Daphne Selfe who is in her 80’s to show just how ridiculous this twerps words are….oh he did give Patti Smith a pass, guess thats because she’s cool.

The unretouched Daphne says she keeps her hair long because its cheaper, avoids the old lady perm look it lengthens the neck and lifts the face.

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  1. I’m 53 and graying, with textured latina hair down to my waist. If I don’t get into your business, don’t get into mine. I’m not here to impress anyone.

  2. I’m rocking my long hair forever because well, it’s my signature. Just call me Glinda.. ps Lorrie, that time when we went to interview Jeff Fenech and you locked your keys in your car and we asked him if he could do the trick with the coathanger..Remember?

  3. What an asshole. And never mind young people (let’s face it – they invent 99% of cool/style), why should a man be telling me what I should say, do, or wear over 40?

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  4. I am SO sick of younger folks telling us what to wear and how to look. I could be rude about his personal appearance but that’s just catty and of course beneath my dignity.
    Enough already!

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