45 Years – A Film

Charlotte Rampling


Image The Guardian. Words That’s not my Age

Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay are both superb in 45 Years. Another great film about grown-ups – one of the best I’ve seen for a long time – with two of the finest British actors. The film depicts a week in the life of married couple, Kate and Geoff, about to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary.  But it’s not all seating arrangements and party poppers; on the Monday, Geoff receives a letter from the Swiss authorities informing him that the preserved body of his previous girlfriend Katya, who died in a walking accident in the Alps, in the 1960s, has been found. This changes everything. Geoff is consumed by the past, starts smoking again and spending time up in the attic rummaging through old diaries and mementos. Rampling at her stoic best, suddenly has to question their marriage while preparing for the big day…

Beautifully acted, 45 Years is subtle, smart and chilling; it’s a brilliant film, go see it.


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