Congratulations to the cartoonist Cathy Wilcox

Cathy Wilcox is one of those rare orchids, an Australian Female Cartoonist, she was just named cartoonist of the year by Museum of Australian Democracy …. Congratulations Cathy. Cathy Wilcox

Just how important is your sense of Smell ?

Fading poppy flowers 36

How’s your sense of smell? In the recent – and ongoing – COVID crisis, our ability to smell (or not) has become one of the key indicators of whether we


Be a Tourist at home and shop in Chinatown

Be a tourist at home and do your Christmas shopping in Chinatown. This week Tina and I divvy up the shopping so head over to izzyhaveyoueaten for the food buys


Remembering the young man Tom Ricketson

I thought I’d post this wonderful post from Brain Pickings – in memory of Tom – it is about a children’s book – a meditation on Loss and Life called


The Neighbour’s – Old and New – Dinner – Newtown

The Neighbour’s dinner was held in Newtown, The love of Newtown is the one element we all have in common. A place that is not easy to describe or quantify