Susan Hipgrave’s style … meticulous as her Art

When Tina Brand introduced me to her friend the artist Susan Hipgrave … well … a style shoot was a must. Susan’s style and wardrobe are as meticulous and considered


Bondi Icon – Sean’s Panorama – Dinner with Chris

Sean’s Panorama is a Bondi Icon. What better place for the return of one of this Blog’s regular posts “Lunch with Chris” however in true Covid fashion we had to

The Lyling Life of Adults – Elena Ferrante

Fans of Elena Ferrante something to look forward her new book The Lying Life of Adults english language edition will be out Sept One. Not bellissima. Or, dare we say,


A Meander from La Perouse to Tempe

This week we meandered from La Perouse to Tempe. The numbers on our walks contract and extend and are wonderfully curated by Chris Nash, he researches the route the buses