The Assistant – The Golden Age Cinema this Friday – Go

This film, The Assistant by Australian film maker Kitty Green is a MUST SEE. It screens at the Golden Age cinema this Friday. If you can, GO, take a young


Tourists Gone, Bali Workers Return to Farms and Fishing

Villa Sidemen and Mt Agung, Sidemen, East Bali, January 2018

Many resort workers in Bali have gone home to villages and small towns, taking up traditional ways of earning a living to feed themselves and their families. LALANGLINGGAH VILLAGE, Indonesia

Trixie and Katya Guide to Surviving the Pandemic

Trixie and Katya’s guide to surviving the Pandemic ….In Vanity Fair Vanity Fair: What is your advice for people tired of seeing their own faces these days? Katya: Paint on


Go overseas … and walk on North Head

Well that would be overseas if you live on the south side. Last friday a small gathering from Newtown – dress code: navy and black – travelled overseas and walked


To Bilpin and the High Hopes Roadhouse

Last week Alison Chamberlain and I took ourselves off to Bilpin and the High Hopes Roadhouse for lunch. The bell birds rang out and a chook pecked at the lavender