What if – Hillary never married Bill ?

What if …Hillary never married Bill? An interesting and delicious idea. In this book by Curtis Sittenfeld she hypothesizes a different history and future. Curtis Sittenfeld likes to imagine the


Mapo Newtown – Italian artisan Gelato – please support!

It’s so important to support our small local businesses… Mapo, Newtown is a new Italian artisan gelato bar that is fully sustainable and is one of the most welcome arrivals

Braised Lamb shoulder with oregano and preserved lemon

This is my second attempt at this dish, braised lamb shoulder with oregano and preserved lemon. It’s fiddly but delicious. Although braising takes more time than roasting I find it

Dame Judi Dench on the cover of Vogue … at last!

Vogue. What took them so long? The fashion publishing industry is renowned for its elitism, snobbery and lack of diversity, and back in the day there was always a sense