A tale of verdant towers or vertical forests.

A tale of verdant towers is one of my hopes for when we emerge on the other side of the Corona Virus. Bosco Verticale, or Vertical Forest, is a pair

Fabulous new Lip Oil Balm from Ipsum

I love lip balm, if fact it’s all I wear, so I was delighted when Janet Hayward of Ipsum sent me her new lip oil balm. I love Ispum’s oils,

A Voice in French Literature: Her Own – Annie Ernaux

Since the 1970s, Annie Ernaux has poured a lifetime of memories into her intensely personal books. Now, readers in English are catching on. By Laura Cappelle April 7, 2020 PARIS


Timeless! History repeats itself – A Poem

Timeless! History repeats itself. poem written in 1869, reprinted during 1919 Pandemic. And people stayed at home And read books And listened And they rested And did exercises And made

Chorizo sausage and rice soup – Donna Hay

This chorizo sausage and rice soup is a real rib sticker, perfect for a cool rainy Easter Weekend. I’ve been trawling my stack of the, now defunct, Donna Hay magazines