Karin Huchatz of DEA Store in the time of Corona

Karin Huchatz is the owner of one of my favourite little stores, DEA in Regent Street Redfern. I dropped in to find out how she was surviving in the time


Corn and Prawn Risotto _ Corona Comfort Food

This Corn and Prawn Risotto is perfect Corona Comfort Food. I found it in a Vogue Entertaing Cookbook called “Simply Summer” circa 1999 and it could be that long since

Creating Solutions: Re-Purposed Snorkel Mask as PPE

Dr. Ruth Zimmer, 58, tells us how snorkels are effectively providing protection for healthcare providers during the pandemic By David Stewart : The Ageist April 15, 2020 Robert, husband of

“If you go away” – Shirley Horn – Isolation Saturday

This was a gift to Anon from his friend Bruce Finlayson I’m passing it on Shirley Horn singing ” If you go Away”. Is seems to have the right pace