Madam Wang’s Restaurant – Leura – Blue Mountains

Madam Wang’s restaurant in Leura is a hangout of Anon’s brother Rob,who live in Katoomba. The food is good bistro fare, the drawcard is the interiors …. it reminded me

The Disappearance of my Mother – A Documentary

I have been hoping that “The Disappearance of My Mother” would get a run in Australia. A Documentary about the extraordinary Benedetta Barzini it is screening as part of the

Debra Rapoport, Sustainability-focused artist

Debra Rapoport, 74 Sustainability-focused artist and fashion icon, an intergenerational role model who puts fearless style into everything she does, including her recent nude NSFW photo shoot. As we are


Get off the Lounge … start training with Joan

Training with Joan. Hard is not impossible. We have been following the odyssey of Joan via Instagram. We confess that all we know about her is what we are reading