You are probably wearing the wrong Bra size

Are 8 Out of 10 Women Really Wearing the Wrong Bra Size. Retailers are fixated on a pervasive statistic that says 80 percent of women are buying the wrong bra.


A tribute to Yothu Yindi’s song “Treaty”

A small moment in our musical history ” Treaty” by Yothu Yindi. A tribute to one of the best Australian songs of all time. Yothu Yindi were one of the

In the Future, We’ll All Be Wearing Eileen Fisher

On the drive to Eileen Fisher from New York City, the trees almost made me cry. Green, green trees, light ones and dark ones, big and small (I could clearly

Gemstones and the Zodiac @ Jewels on Queen

On Saturday afternoon I spent a delightful couple of hours at Jewels On Queen learning the connection between gemstones and zodiac signs. This soriee will be on for another four

How Dries Van Noten Made Prints Using Flowers

Two of my favourite things Dries Van Noten clothes and flowers I would love one of theses trenches. This from the New York Times … “I didn’t want sweet flowers,”