Homage to Hollywood – Hollywood Hotel : Pt 1

On Saturday night we went to “Homage to Hollywood’ at the Hollywood Hotel some of Sydney’s best and legendary cabaret and drag performers had gathered at the Hollywood Hotel to


Shooting the Mafia a film about Letizia Battaglia

Shooting the Mafia is a documentary about an Eighty Four year old, chain smoking photojournalist called Letizia Battaglia. Over her extraordinary career she has documented the tyranny the mafia rained


Remembering Bob Hawke – Hero – Authentic Bloke

It is somehow apt that Bob Hawke should leave the stage vacant days before what might see the return to a Labor Government. Well that didn’t happen…. however…. Today We

Bob Dylan’s Excellent Adventure – Rolling Thunder

This week I went to see Rolling Thunder – Bob Dylan’s excellent adventure or a Documentary by Martin Scorsese, this I would highly recommend when it gets a release. I’ll


What to do with all those Tote Bags!

By Jolie Kerr …..For New York Times How many tote bags do you own? Hmm, yes, you there. I see you trying to dodge the question, and it’s precisely the