Who Counts as a Woman – New York Times

The attempt to exclude trans women from the ranks of women reinforces the dangerous idea that there is a right way to be female. By Carol Hay Ms. Hay is


The Very Very Stylish Bronwyn Pipers

The Very stylish Bronwyn Pipers

I first met the very very stylish Bronwyn Pipers when she worked at Lee Mathew’s Paddington Store, I walked in and caught sight of Bronwyn and felt immediately comfortable and


Author of Eastern Treasures – Oytun Camcigil

Those fabulous women of Jewels on Queen, Anne and Nell Schofield, held a delightful soiree on Saturday afternoon, the author of Eastern Treasures Oytun Camcigil shared her passion for jewels


At 82 Glenda Jackson plays ” King Lear”

To see the great Glenda Jackson play “King Lear” at the age of 82 would be an extraordinary gift, actually to see her play anything would be amazing. “King Lear”