Joan Didion’s reading list

Those clever people at Brain Picking’s have done it again….remember when they published Patti Smith’s reading list….now they have Joan’s with, I thought, a couple of surprises…. LINK

The Vintage Drawer

Vintage is not my thing, however I live in a suburb known for its wonderful Vintage and the shop that stands out for me is The Vintage Drawer. I sat down and had a chat with DeborahThomson the owner to find out a bit more about what makes great Vintage.

Rodin, lip balm

I thought I’d have to wait till I got to NY to buy a little piece of Rodin. But I had to pop over to Balmain the other day and

A Painter’s Kitchen – the book

This humble little book has me pining for my little patch of dirt in the Community Garden. Margaret Wood met the painter Georgia O’Keeffe when she was ninety and Margaret