Ubud Shops

  Go early, the first purchase of the day is good luck and will be blessed….and will be the cheapest price you will get. Also the streets of Ubud are

Taman Bebek – Presidential Villa

  Just down the road from the main complex is the Presidential Suite. In 1995 Made Wijaya wanted a new house to showcase the view of neighboring site and was


Taman Bebek – Other Villas

  Taman Bebek perched on a ridge with breath taking views is a collection of Villas and cottages, all different in décor and – mostly – in design. Valley View

Taman Bebek – Malay Villa – Ubud

  The Malay Villa is based on the design of the elegant bungalow style of Trengganu in Malaysia, the home of some of Malaysia’s most handsome colonial/traditional buildings. It faces