100 Blogs !


What would that be ? a bag, a blurb, a bubble of blogs ? …… anyway cause for a pause and celebration! At our age just about everything is cause for celebration. The slideshow is a recap of 100 images and may take a little time to load …. so be patient !

Your thoughts …. given I’ve been throwing my own at you now for a few months …. let me know.

What works for you ? Too much travel ? – you know I can never get enough – more book reviews ? more recipes ?

There will many more style profiles coming up, and I’m thinking of adding a link to a song of the week …. also some more sticky beaking about other people’s houses.

We have one glorious week in Sri Lanka left before returning home to Audrey and the aftermath of the face off between Toned Abs ( Abbott) and Putin. Joy.


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  1. Congratulations – belatedly I know – but you are right, a cause for celebration for sure – well done! I love your blog and have forwarded many things – recipes and profiles on the amazing people you have focussed on (love Jeune!), keep them coming. I too have have enjoyed seeing things through your lens and look forward to more – both local and abroad. By way of sharing for those local, look at the great things you can do for free in the beautiful Centennial Park and surrounds – love the thought of eco meditation and will have to try it: http://www.centennialparklands.com.au/whatson/whats_on
    What a great year for you and what a great blog.

  2. Congratulations, 100 and a tonne of fun…I have been with you on your blog all the way. Our bathroom now features Aesop lovelies, I have my brows done monthly, I have travel pangs and all in all – the world is more beautiful through your lens. Thank you.

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