Women’s march – New York …..

Women's march - New York


I left my hotel, The Jane, early and headed up town to Number one Dag. At New York Time Square I just followed the pink pussy hats, as had Helen Mirren, who spoke before the Women’s march with others and Whoopi Goldberg.

The start of the march was at one Trump tower and finished at another. As the march reached the Trump Tower, the home on 5th Ave, the bells of the church across the road tolled Halllelujah.

This march was huge, not just the main march that made its way up Manhatten but on the streets adjacent, thousands of people joined.

Let’s hope this can build, because the people I talked to on the day are sad, horrified and scared that this has happened in their country.


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  1. Wow. What great images despite tech issues. Great day in so many cities around the world sending some clear messages to Comb Over that there is going to be huge opposition.

    My march in Mexico City showed the same determination with plenty of wonderful nasty women – Mexican and expats – with a lot of attitude which I think is well galvanised for a fight.

    Interesting times indeed.

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