Spa crush – Darshana Veda – Ubud – Bali

Images from Darshana Veda Spa, Ubud, Bali. One of the best Spas and massages available in Ubud, just up from the Ananda Cottages Annex. Make appointment with Suci

This may seem cruel ... however if we get back to Ubud this is where I'll be heading straight from the Airport!

Anon found Darsahan Veda Spa in Ubud, Bali when had only a week left of our holiday. He had done his back. Bizarrely we had been walking past the spa for 4 weeks. It is sandwiched between Ananda Cottage reception and our home at the Annex. The Ayurvedic treatments caught his eye particularly the Kizhi treatment.

"Herbal leaves are made up in cotton bundles and is applied to the body After dipping them in warm medicated oil . this is done for 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes of warm oil massage to complete, good for Osteo Arthritis, Back Pain, Sports Injuries."

After his treatment he came back raving about the place but Suci the practitioner, in particular.

This is something given that Ubud is Spa central.

The place is charming and we managed several treatments before being dragged screaming to the airport.


Above is the gorgeous Daphine Pfumojena, we met while waiting for our spa treatments. I hope to bring you Daphine's story and project later in the year.

Back to the Spa .... You will find it at the bottom of a long block that includes small basic villas and a Vegetarian restaurant on the Street. This is also worth trying. Suci told us the business was owned by Australians. So Australians with wonderful taste and who know a good practitioner when they see one.

On our last day we both had the wonderful Boreh treatment, which was not on the menu.... but worth asking Suci if she can manage one.

" A Balinese Boreh is a centuries-old healing recipe of herbs and exotic spices traditionally used as a "body revival" in the form of a mask and scrub. “Bo” in Balinese means “ready”, and “reh” comes from the Balinese word for blood, ”rah”, so Boreh literally brings your body to life."


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  1. Take me there! I can feel it – total bliss! Stayed at Ananda Cottages once, but unfortunately not sampled this Spa!

  2. Suci was DEFINITELY the best massage I had in Ubud ….. she has experienced and spectacular hands that somehow dig deep and firm to find those knotted and sensitive spots, but somehow keeps it soft and comforting at the same time.

    I have forever been a devotee of the Ayurvedic massages in Sri Lanka …. I think Suci has now made me a total devotee.

    If in Ubud, seek out Suci … another ‘must experience’ while there.

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