Georgia O’Keeffe – inspiration


She broke with convention, forging a passage to a world of openness and freedom with fervent resolve. She was a new kind of women, and still feels so, over a century after her birth. She thought outside of the lines society had drawn for her, and for all of that, Georgia O’Keeffe is my constant inspiration.

Georgia O’Keeffe has alway been an inspiration for me, the way she lived her life, uncompromising. Her style minamilaist, pared back, androginist. This article in the Guardian talks about how O’Keefe shaped feminist style.

Others inspired by O’Keefe in the design world Phoebe Philo of Céline…yes can see that. Calvin Klein not sure and Victoria Beckham would probably have O’Keefe in stitches!

Jigsaw that slightly upmarket Country Road (now entirely English) brand have done a collection influenced by Ms O’Keefe’s aesthetic. I have found their latest collection of clothes rather dull, but will check this collection out if it ever hits Sydney.



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