First look ……….. Malecon, Havana, Cuba

The Malecon is at its most ethereal in the late afternoon light. The 8km sea drive is one of the city’s most soulful and quintessentially Cuban places to stroll. You will be joined by assorted lovers, musicians fisherfolk and wistful Florida-gazers.

The boulevard is lined with magnificent buildings in various states of decrepitude and demolition others about to become the latest 5 star go to hotel.

Visit the Malecon more than once. If you do the vintage car drive this is the route you’ll be taken.

We walked it at night when a cold front blew in and massive wave crashed over the sea wall…..thrilling……..


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  1. Loved this area so much. We walked it for about 2 hours one afternoon, taking in the full length, stopping and taking it all in along the way.

    The waterfront area has the most amazing old buildings with beautiful architecture, but ravaged by the weather and salt decay. But still magnificent.

    On another night, there was a huge sea running, and the Malecon was closed to all traffic, with water billowing across the road. There was not one other person out on the street that night …. I am sure there will be further blogs with images.

    A memorable one is the locked up and razor wired US Embassy Building ….. floodlit …..

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