The magical Sue Bail

Sue Bail made our trip to Morocco. The sister of friend Kath Bail, Sue is a traveller having spent more time out of Australia than in it. ……… read more


Style Profiles

One of the reasons I started this blog, was to publish stories about inspirational women, their style and stories. I got sick of waiting for the Vogue issue on Age


Sandy Edwards – Style

Sandy Edwards - An old friend photographer friend with wonderful Style

Last Friday I did something I have been wanting to do since starting the blog. I spent a day, well half a day, with my very dear friend Sandy Edwards,

the irrepressible – Grace Coddington

photo by Fabien Baron – Trunk Archive Coddington announced this week that she’s stepping down from day-to-day life at American Vogue to become creative-director-at-large, but as the 74-year-old told Business

Steve McCurry and Valentino

Image: Steve McCurry The venerable photojournalist Steve McCurry has turned his hand to Fashion. You will know his work….if only “Afgan Girl”,but if that is all you know, do yourself