Vale – Bob Ellis

A break in transmission to acknowledge a force in Australian political literary life. Bob Ellis, has finally died, I do not say this glibly, he has been dying for years,

How Iris Apfel made growing old cool

Not know for her less is more style….in this video, click on link – the fabulous Iris Apfel explains how she made getting old cool


Annalisa Turner – Style – Spain

Meet our friend Annalisa Turner, a gorgeous woman in her early 50’s who decided to challenge herself and leave a very comfortable life in Sydney to move to this tiny village, Cervera Del Maestre, half way between Barcelona and Valencia. The fact that the local church had a black Madona could have been an encouragment.

The First Monday in May – a film

Pic by Oyster Magazine Vogue is coming out with a documentary… again. Their first run was a film called The September Issue, documenting the making of the magazine’s biggest annual