Renata Molho – Style

  I love this woman …. I hope its not because she still likes a smoke ….. she has a way with colour and glasses, which seem to be key


Oh Please!

Just when you thought there nothing more you could add to the list for your personal maintenance  – or as I like to call it the grease and oil change

The words of Sheryl Sandberg

  Not the words you imagine. Not her new wave feminist words, which I applaud, being an old foot in the door hang on by your fingernails feminist. No, her

Elizabeth Warren is as mad as hell.

  This is the most watched video of Elizabeth Warren which is saying something because she has given some stella speeches. She is as mad as hell, and frankly so

Heels – Yes/ No ?

  There seems to be a bit of debate about Heels at the moment ….. LA Darl sent this article and said .. Women need to get the feet FLAT on