Astier de Villatte, Paris

  This tiny shop on Rue Saint Honoré, Paris, retains a somewhat mysterious veneer, filled with the brand’s signature white tableware, it remains more or less untouched since it was

Patti Smith – Horses – 40 Years

  The godmother of Punk, Patti Smith celebrates 40 years since – Horses – her debut album. Singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist and true style icon ….. she wears Marc


100 Blogs !

  What would that be ? a bag, a blurb, a bubble of blogs ? …… anyway cause for a pause and celebration! At our age just about everything is

A Most Annoying Thing

Age ……. there are many things to recommend it. However, the most annoying thing I have found about ageing is my fading eyesight. It started drifting off about 15 years


  Found in the heart of the historic district of Haut-Marais is the wonderfully curated store Merci. The store brings together the best of the world of fashion, design and