Dress Like a French Woman

I have several friends heading to France/Paris for Christmas this year. This is an article in the Guardian sent to me by my friend Fran…………. It may help you gals

Tom # 2

We have Tom’s funeral today, so I thought I’d just re-post “ Tom”. Thank you for all the very kind messages, flowers, hugs real and virtual. We have learnt that…our



  For those of you who do not know, I’m sorry you will be getting this news via a blog. Tom Ricketson, Greg’s (anon) son and my stepson died in


Holy Spring Temple – Ubud

A selection of images from the Holy Spring Temple in Monkey Forest, Ubud

  In all the years visiting Ubud I had never visited the Monkey Forest, I had thought it was all about the monkeys, and they had been described as rather