Coppelia Ice-Cream Parlor, Havana, Cuba

Cappella ice cream parlour in Havana, Cuba is a wonderful example of the innocent simple pleasures that makes Cuba so wonderful.

The Coppelia ice-cream parlour in Havana, Cuba is one of the innocent and simple pleasures that make visiting Cuba so special. Havana’s celebrated ice-cream parlour is housed in a flying-saucer-like

Sorrel, Pea and Leek Soup

I have a new love, Sorrel. Sorry watercress I’m not leaving you for good BUT Sorrel is a pretty special green. Champions mountain organics @ Everliegh Markets sells 100g bags

White Port – interested?

Have you ever tried “White Port”? I took Anon to Stanbuli in Enmore Road a while back, we finished our meal with White Port. I thought it was delicious, so