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Judith Bernstein – Artist

Photograph by Judy Cooper via Google images. Judith Bernstein 72, an artist at last, has never been afraid of dirty words …….. she is proof that it is never too

Duets – Emmylou Harris and Rodney Cowell

Photo by Amy Sussman/invision/Associated Press If you loved the first collaboration “Old Yellow Moon” by these two, Emmylou Harris and Rodney Cowell you will enjoy their latest release … the


Vale BB King and goodnight Lucille

I remember every minute of the extraordinary concert at the old Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. Forty years ago we got to sit on our bums right under the stage when

Stop WestConnex – Newtown

  The fight goes on … we are about to start the Newtown chapter of Stop WestConnex Action Group – WAG – inspired by the St Peters mob and realising