Bali Asli Restaurant – Spectacular views of Mt Agung

Bali Asli Restaurant, East Bali

One of my favourite places in Bali is Bali Asli Restaurant, 20 km from the currently erupting Mt Agung. Owner and chef Penny Williams has uploaded a video update today that Bali Asli is outside the ‘danger zone’, and open for business. If you go to the web site, you will see the amazing views over to Mt Agung. And also the latest ‘update’ on the restaurant operations. We are headed to Ubud in mid-December, and will very quickly head to Bali Asli for an exquisite lunch and a box office seat of the eruptions.

Here is a link to the Bali Asli site : http://www.baliasli.com.au

I put up this blog and automatic slideshow about Bali Asli some years ago … It is a ‘must visit’ if in Bali.


An absolute must do if you go to East Bali is a meal at Bali Asli restaurant. It is hidden in the foothills of Mount Agung halfway between Candi Dasa and Amed. The views – on a good day – are unrivalled.

Owned and run by a young Australian chef called Penny Williams. Penny did her apprenticeship at the Savoy hotel in London, where she says she didn’t see a fresh chilli for the entire period. Then worked for 12 years in various cutting edge restaurants in Sydney, among them Boathouse and Bather’s Pavilion.

Bali Asli means something that is created in the traditional way, with the ingredients that were originally used to create it. Use of the Bali as a prefix to Asli simply means to create something authentically Balinese. This is Penny’s dream.

The Restaurant is not easy to find, best to get a local driver to take you, and ask first if they know the Restaurant. They will have to wait for you, so factor that in. We asked our driver if he would like to join us, he declined, so we offered to buy him lunch and he ordered something simple from the kitchen.

The menu changes almost every day, depending on what is found at the market in the morning or what the neighbours bring them, most of the ingredients are either grown in their own garden or in their neighbours garden or purchased at the local market.

There is also a cooking school and various Experiences such as Cooking School “ Balinese Lady” a visit to the local market, “Cast a Line and Catch Lunch” go out with a local fisherman and catch lunch, bring it back and learn to cook it at the restaurant. We did none of these, altho we did visit the local market , which is a fabulous thing to do, and this will have its own blog.Bali Asli Experiences page.


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  1. The view from Bali Asli is truly spectacular, and possibly even more dramatic with Mt Agung doing its thing. The food is some of the best I have ever eaten Bali, Penny a wonderful host.

    Make sure you go into her website, and read her background and dream. Truly inspirational.

    Look forward to visiting ourselves shortly.

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