Bali Asli restaurant – East Bali – first look

Lunch at Bali Asli Restaurant with views of Mt Agung, East Bali

I have mentioned Penny William's wonderful restaurant Bali Asli in previous posts. This post is mostly a photo story if you will. The location is spectacular, under the gaze of Mt Agung.

On Wednesday there will be an interview with Penny about how she came to build her restaurant under the steady gaze of Mt Agung in East Bali, what it was like during the recent eruption and how she has found being a woman building a business in Bali.

Penny is Australian and learnt her trade in our restaurants, Bali Asli's food - which roughly translates to - Authentic Bali is however, as local as the volcano it sits under.

If you are staying in Ubud, lunch at Bali Asli makes an ideal day trip. If you leave at 9.30 am or 10 am and ask the driver .... we recommend getting in touch with Komag Agus a driver with Sidemen Tour and Trekking Company who knows the back roads of Sidemen and taking the scenic drive to get a sense of the real Bali. The driver will cost around $60 for the day.

Stay tuned to find out about some of the various Adventures that Penny has put together for guests wanting to have a more authentic experience of East Bali in a blog on Friday....and meet the very eccentric dog called Zoro.


The Restaurant BALI ASLI promotes Balinese cuisine and culture without exploiting it or it’s people. We embrace our community, supporting those who fish, farm and forage in the nearby fields, ocean and jungle. Our menu offers traditional Balinese food using an authentic Balinese style kitchen. We cook on wood-fired, mud brick stoves, allowing the real flavours of Bali to shine. Most of our ingredients are either grown in our garden, in our neighbour’s garden or purchased from the local market.

The Cooking School The cooking school runs unique classes themed on “a day in the life of...” every class includes an adventure into local areas off the beaten track. Whether it is learning how to plant rice or plough with a cow, fishing in a jukung canoe and cooking on an open fire or making cocktails from cashew nut wine, our students always leave with fond memories and new skills to experiment with when they get home.

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  1. Can’t praise Bali Asli and Penny Williams enough for the magical experience she has created.

    Next trip to Bali, take the time to do at least a day trip to East Bali, via the back roads of ‘old Bali’ and Sideman, and have lunch at Bali Asli while taking in the majestic Mt Agung views. Magic.

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