Ananda Cottages – Annexe

  On our most recent trip to Bali, with all good intentions and having booked particular room numbers, overlooking one of the pools, our favourite room had an unsightly building

Ananda Cottages – Gardens

  What makes Ananda Cottages special, in my view, are the gardens. The entire complex is built around fertile working rice paddies and lovely rural views.Paths meander through dense foliage

Ananda Cottages – General

  We have been coming to Ananda Cottages in Ubud since 1995. Slow adopters to Bali, we had never found the southern beach areas of Bali very inviting. Friends convinced


Ubud Streetscapes

  Ubud (pronounced ooooooboood) Is far removed from the drunken bikini scene in Kuta. It is regarded as the cultural centre of Bali and is famous as an arts hub